See Think Do Care: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think in 2021

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As time changes the way of doing business and to promote it, also changes earlier the traditional way to do business is opening shops in the local market or to sell your product door-to-door and to promote via big hoarding and TV commercials. But with the internet came the way of doing business changed completely, now in the digital age every business need its presence on the internet and wanted to appear on the first page of GOOGLE or any other search engine.

The development of opportunities to promote brands and products on the web is moving on a very vast scale. The latest theory in this field is given by Mr Avinash Kaushik, which gives companies find their inspiration in a way where they can understand the customer’s behaviour and the thought process. The framework that inspires lots of business firms in this digital age is SEE-THINK-DO-CARE (STDC).

Brand who do not have their online presence can follow this strategy to reach potential customers. This STDC Framework recommends to, focus on online marketing as an investment for the future purpose, if followed properly then for sure the firms can work more efficiently as well as can learn how to build the relationship with customers based on their interest and to implement it to your marketing communication. The See Think Do Care a business framework is an effective tool for creating an online marketing strategy.

How to Get Ahead in Digital Marketing Service with See Think Do Care Framework!

In every business the decision-making is the main and most crucial part, every business and brand needs its names on everyone’s tongue but how to make it? It’s simple and can be achieved by some simple steps but before that, we need to understand some more points to implement while taking or promoting our brands and services online. We need a very good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when we post something on our website because people nowadays don’t go for the 3rd or 4th page to see your product or services they just look at the first result that appears on the webpage.

Now when everyone is aware of the digital transformation the world is going through, there was a time when people used to write just a small 300 words article or any content and people get ranking on the internet, but as the time changed we have to write or showcase a good content with good SEO. So everyone can see our work and we get more viewership on our page. A good SEO is something that the general people search on the web and the result they get so we need to understand the mindset and behaviour of common men or particularly our audience.

As far as we get viewership, people get aware of our services and products as well as the competitive rates for that particular thing. So this way we attract potential customers to come and use our services.

Let’s Check what STDC Framework Actually is: –


This new methodical step is based on the direct market from an end-to-end point of view.

SEE: This stage is compressed of the largest, the qualified, addressable audience in simple words this stage refers to the entire audience who could consume the services and products offered by the firms.

THINK: This stage refers to the actual audience who are looking for the products and services or considering a particular product to use, at this stage, people’s mindsets can change very easily by doing good marketing or tell the benefits of our services or product.

Do: This stage is made up of a general subset of the buyers that are looking for our products but because of lots of similar brands’ products, the scenario gets into a confusing connotation. This section is considered the most important where the marketing efforts are needed mainly.

Care: This section refers to the clients who already purchased our products and have the understanding and identity of our brands. If the quality of our product is maintained, then the buyer will not look into others as far as he gets satisfaction from the brand.

The objectives and considerations vary from stages and so will our tactics, means, and indicators. FOR EXAMPLE, IN THE FIRST STAGE OR DISCOVERY STAGE (SEE), our main objective is to tell the audience about the brands and product we are offering and how it is better than any other from the competitors. We can use pretension content that allows us to connect with the audience, that does not know us. Social media is the biggest tool in this section to acquire or grab the audience’s attention.

How to implement See Think Do Care into our business?


We have to move step by step to achieve our target smoothly, firstly we have to make our brand name very catchy and then have to promote it on the social media platforms. Thinking as the future investment, social media handles like- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other useful platforms, then we can work to develop a good website which speaks about the brand and products in a way that grabs the audience attention.

On the other hand, we have to do a good market survey to understand the customer’s mindset and the actual need of consumers to design our product in that way to launch good products that can fulfil the customer’s satisfaction. Firstly, in the initial stages, we can use branding on the platforms which already exist in the market and are popular.

After all this, we can make a significant presence on the web and get a good viewership on the webpage that we have, by the audience be completely aware of our product, and that help firms to grab customers in the competitive market.

The two different forms of marketing that generally used in the STDC framework are ATL & BTL which can identify according to the products, services, and audience. The ATL (above the line) generally refers to the massive campaigns to raise brand awareness and reach more people in this form of advertising the radio, television, and billboards are used whereas in BTL (below the line) the marketing refers to the much smaller and highly targeted world of ads aimed at individuals and with easy to track returns in BTL the mails campaign, trade shows, catalogues and targeted search engine marketing via internet is commonly used.

When the targeted audience gets to know about the basic legacy then we can use an influencer to promote with catchy and funny ads campaign or basically giving some big offers which create the one-time audience and if our product is good enough then they will use our services next time for sure because it creates a psychological mindset and remembers the time they enjoyed using particular products by the promoting brand.

Advantages of Hiring the Best See Think Do Care

Applying the STDC (see think, do, care) framework with the strategic effort in the business helps in getting the brand name popular, and achieving the trust of customers while building them. The experience that customers get from the brand will be a milestone for both ends as it gives the firms to understand the customers with a better mindset and customers the way of using something different and more value-added product.

As the customer experience and live the good days with a particular product then he builds a sense of trust with the brands and suggests to their friends and relatives. This way brand gets its recognition and a name in the market and society, the name is a bigger value than any other thing. With the use of STDC framework, not just brands get promoted and able to build their presence in the market but highlight the key features of the company and the legacy they have, but also get the reach to a bigger audience and get benefited in the revenue section of the firm.

As the famous saying ‘more the merrier’ we also have to run on this track by building our presence on every possible social platform, with the new innovation and by a strategic showdown of the current trend in the market.

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